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SimpleR - Multiple linear regression calculator

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SimpleR is a free online tool for linear regression analysis. Run your regressions effortlessly and without coding.

The SimpleR linear regression calculator produces results without coding.

Load your data

Your data remains completely private and secure (offline).

Use pre-loaded data

Use a pre-loaded dataset to play with our multiple regression calculator

Load data from a csv file

Use a csv (comma-separated values) file to load the data you want to analyze

Data privacy and security

Your data remains on your computer and is analyzed by your browser.

The multiple regression calculator does not send data over the Internet and does not use remote servers to perform computations. Therefore, your data remains completely private and secure.

SimpleR guarantees full data privacy and security.

Scientific standards

SimpleR is intended to meet the highest scientific standards. It is often tested on new data sets to make sure that the results from the regression calculator coincide with those provided by well-tested scientific and statistical software such as R and Python (with NumPy and Scikit-learn).

SimpleR is intended to replicate the results obtained with R and the Python stack (Numpy / Scikit-learn).


The copyright owners of SimpleR and the owners of this website do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the SimpleR multiple regression calculator and shall have no liability whatsoever (including but not limited to) for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages and economic losses arising in connection with the use of SimpleR.

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